Majestic Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
                                                  from our home to yours

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Happy Families

Hi Yana,

I thought I would send you a picture of our amazing Huxley on his first birthday. He is such an amazing dog. At times, he has the spunk and energy of a big dog but he also loves to slow down and be right with us, cuddling and showing affection. He’s so kind and gentle with people of all ages and is so friendly with other dogs. Also, we have been impressed with his ability to be trained. We’ve taken him to puppy classes since he was tiny and he learns new tricks and commands so quick! He truly is a dream dog. Thank you for this wonderful addition to our family!


here are some pictures of Charlie.  He is loving his life in Alaska!  He has traveled with us to Seattle, Phoenix and Idaho. He is the perfect traveler.  If he is not enjoying hanging out with "mom" doing walks and play time he is enjoying other puppies at day Care. He is a perfect little boy and his first birthday is around the corner.    
Don and Tamara

Dear Yana

Thank you so much for the amazing addition to our family!!!  We love Sophie so much and she fits in perfectly!  I cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you do with your puppies....Sophie is so good around children and loves our other dog Chelsea!  All of my friends and family love this breed so I have highly recommended that they contact you if they are looking to adopt a puppy!      Robyn

Dear Yana, 

I am Carl's wife and I was blown away that he got me a puppy for Christmas. We lost our first King Charles dog two years ago just before Christmas and we have missed him ever since. We named our little guy Charlie for Charleston. He is the cutest dearest little guy and I am loving that he is in our family. 

Our grandchildren are ecstatic too. Our 5 year old granddaughter Maddie told me that she tought he was Bailey come back from heaven. 

There were 21 of us Christmas morning and he took it all in stride.  He is a jewel!

Thank you for having such healthy, loved puppies to offer families.

God bless, Lorene

Hi Yana!

We are doing great! We absolute love Dexter to death! He is such wonderful boy and we feel very lucky to have him!! We got a call back from the vet last night and she said his results were all good!!  Take care!!

-Michael and Mahshid

Hi Yana,

Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the little baby I picked up from you, who we've named Charlotte. And it's very fitting because she's quite the princess. We adore her and spoil her rotten, and even her big sister has fallen in love with her. See pics :)

Thank you so much. She's perfect.


Hello Yana!

I wanted to take the time to inform you, that our puppy Bruce is settling 

VERY well! :-)

Our little family has been smiling 

ear-to-ear while we play with him or simply cuddle on couch. My little girls ADORE him, to say at least! He is such handsome and smart boy.

One quality that I love about Bruce is how affectionate he is! 

He is wonderful addition to our family, we are so blessed!

Love, the R.... family

Hi Yana, I wanted to thank you for my little girl, I decided to name her Kali :) 

Attached are some pictures of Kali-she is doing great so far and has plenty of energy-she starts puppy school next week:)

...Kali continues to do great-she already weighs 6lbs at her last vet appointment-twice the size from when I brought her home. I get lots of compliments on her!

Yana, I am the busiest an happiest daddy you can imagine! Evee is doing great and she keeps me busy 

all the time =) 

I wish you luck and I will keep referring you!



puppies are doing great, here is some pics. They even sleep through the night. You have very pretty dogs, with very pretty puppies. We've started potty training, and I think I'm too old for this. Full names are boy George and Lady Madonna, we call them Georgie and Lady.


Yana, we are so in love over here. 

Nikko is such a darling I can hardly believe he is so PERFECT! You said he was smart and that he is! When I moved the basket by my chair he KNEW it was his. He has since been on a decorating binge, bringing in the cat blanket[and it's big], 2 gloves, and assorted other items. and he jumps in, jumps out as if it had always been his bed. Mostly he naps on my lap and sleeps all night with me in bed [and he sleeps whole night completely happy. Even for the cats, since the energy level in the house has gone up with his presence along with happiness quotient. Thank you so much for driving all the way here to bring him to me, It's as if we have always known each other. 

I will talk to you soon,


Hi Yana,

Bentley is well behaved, very smart, and perfect companion. He has had no problem learning to go outside. Plays fetch and brings the ball back for more. Learned to sit, sit-up, lay down, and turn around in just a few minutes. Loves going on walks. The first day that we had him he knew which house to go back to. And of course he loves to cuddle and take puppy naps with me. Everything checked out good at the vet. By the way, everyone in the vet's office fell in love with him too.

Bentley is the perfect dog. We are so happy having him in our home. Once again, thank you for such a wonderful puppy, who is now definitely the center of our lives.

Merv and Shirley